White-Collar Criminal Defense



White Collar Criminal Defense

Engaging in any kind of business enterprise, particularly as an officer or director, brings with it the risk of criminal disputes. Connell Foley’s White Collar Criminal Defense team helps companies and individuals surmount the challenges associated with alleged violations of law. Our attorneys have defended clients against allegations covering a broad range of misconduct, including accusations of theft, fraud, deceit, reckless endangerment, bribery, extortion, kickbacks, and racketeering activities. We also have formidable experience defending clients against allegations tied to corporate transactions, including those in the context of banking and finance, bankruptcy, healthcare and securities, and tax, among others.

Wide Array of Litigation and Counseling Services

Our group has acted on behalf of companies, boards, and individuals in numerous capacities relating to criminal law, from pro-active counseling and investigations to active, vigorous defense of clients at the indictment, pretrial, and negotiation phases and at trial and on appeal.

The Connell Foley team contributes deep expertise and litigation knowledge relating to:

  • Internal corporate investigations into potential criminal violations
  • Federal and state grand jury investigations
  • Criminal indictments or other governmental proceedings
  • Civil disputes with criminal implications
  • Businesses victimized by criminal violations, such as embezzlement, larceny, blackmail, or computer fraud

We approach all matters, including both complex and high-profile criminal situations, in a sensitive and personalized manner. Our lawyers understand the high-stakes nature of criminal defense and provide clients with specialized know-how and unflagging support.