Updated EPA and NJDEP Online Environmental Databases Available - Check Your Property

By Steve Barnett

It is recommended that you check your property or property of interest in the updated EPA and NJDEP online environmental databases and periodically verify your property’s information for accuracy and to ensure no outstanding issues. 

USEPA has upgraded its “Enforcement Compliance History Online” (“ECHO”) website to include more data sources and improved search functions.  ECHO is free and includes air, water, waste emissions, permits, inspections and enforcement data and information.  ECHO should be part of any environmental audit.

Click here for NJDEP’s Dataminer website.  For properties in New Jersey, it provides information on environmental permits, air, water and waste emissions and effluent, and inspections, compliance and enforcement activity.  For example, check Dataminer to see if your property has a NJDEP Site Remediation Program (SRP) case number and is thus required to retain a Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP).  For example, a property would have a SRP case number if there was ever a spill reported to NJDEP.  All properties with a NJDEP SRP case number were required to retain a LSRP by May 7, 2012.  NJDEP estimates there may be more than 2,000 such cases that have not retained a LSRP.   Penalties for not having retained a LSRP are up to $10,000 for the first violation and $20,000 for each subsequent violation and each day can be a separate violation.