Time to Update Workplace Postings!

By Lauren Iannaccone

The federal minimum wage poster and the federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act posters were updated by the U.S. Department of Labor just last week, with a requirement that they be posted in the workplace by employers this week. 

The federal minimum wage poster was amended to update information about independent contractors, the rights of nursing moms, Department of Labor (DOL) enforcement, and the application of tip credits. The revised polygraph poster was amended to includes new contact information for the DOL and removes information on the penalties for violating the Act.

The updated posters are free to obtain and available for download. The federal minimum wage poster may be downloaded here and the Employer Polygraph Protection Act poster may be downloaded here.
For information on other required employee notices and posting requirements on the state and federal level, please contact Connell Foley’s Labor and Employment Group.