Retail Cyber Attacks Fewer, But More Damaging

By Karen Painter Randall

According to a report recently released by IBM Security, there has been a decreased of more than 50% in the number of cyber-attacks between 2012-2014.  However in 2014, retailers still suffered the theft of more than 61 million customer records.  Additionally, not surprisingly, retailers remain cyber-thieves’ top targets.

The report also found the amount of daily cyber attacked went down as in 2013 there were 4,200 daily cyber-attacks, compared to only 3,043 in 2014.   Additionally, cyber-crime at retailers actually declined during this past holiday season.  As for the mode of attack preferred by hackers, Secure Shell Brute Force was used more often in 2014 than the malicious code method that had been popular in previous years.  There has also been an increase in POS malware as well, and retail databases were increasingly vulnerable.

Because they have access to millions of customers’ financial information, retailers remain hackers’ favorite target.  Moreover, cyber thieves are continue to change their methods of obtaining this information.  Ultimately, these problems cannot be addressed with technology alone as retailers must also have proper policies and procedures in place to not only prevent a cyber-attack, but a rapid response plan ready in the event same were to occur.